About us

Sunshine Christian Preschool opened in August, 2010. It provides a multicultural, family friendly environment that has developed strong links with our community. Licensed for 80 children, we nurture children aged approximately 1.5 – 5 years (children can stay up to their 6th birthday).

We believe that each child is a gift from God and is best taught well while they are young. Our Learning program is based on Biblical teaching and the principles of Te Whāriki (New Zealand ECE curriculum) which guides us in the development of children’s cognitive, emotional, physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social needs


1.  To encourage awareness that each child is created and loved by God and that He has created a world for us to enjoy and explore.

2.  To equip children with the skills and desire to discover and understand truth. We believe the Bible is a precise revelation of God’s truth and must be central to our teaching. All truth discovered must be consistent with God’s word.

3.  To honour and respect each child’s uniqueness and culture and also help them to accept and celebrate the diversity of our cultures in unity.

4.  To help families and children to identify and unfold their God-given potential and help them grow and develop in their own way.

5.  To develop and enhance children’s learning through a balance of spontaneous play and structured teaching, through different teaching strategies to meet different learning styles.

6.  To prepare children for a smooth transition to primary school.

7.  To help children to interact responsibly and respectfully with the teachers and peers by promoting Christian virtues through instructing, training, and role modelling.

8.  To encourage awareness that children belong to a wider community and have a part to play in this community as they grow up.

9.  To work in partnership with parents/whanau by acknowledging and supporting their important role.

10. To communicate God’s love in truth and action by caring for one another in every practical way possible.

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