Our Programme

Our programme is varied between teacher directed activities and spontaneous play. It is designed to empower children to grow up as competent and confident learners; physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually.

We aim to provide meaningful learning experiences in a safe and warm environment to encourage the development of positive learning dispositions (taking an interest, being involved, persisting with difficulties, expressing and idea/feeling and taking responsibility for their learning) as Te Whariki (The New Zealand EC Curriculum) promotes for young children.  Our programme also includes Bible teaching, literacy and numeracy skills, music and movement as well as awareness and exploration of God’s creation.

For the morning part of the day, we divide our centre into four age appropriate areas to meet the various needs and interests of these age groups. Each of our areas are spacious, interesting and well resourced, which means children can easily select from our wide range of resources in the indoor and outdoor areas.

20170919_105305In the afternoon, we encourage mixed age play, which provides a place of connection and collaboration, allowing our younger children to be inspired and challenged by the older children, while our older ones learn to share their skills and take responsibility for others. We also provide a Chinese program for our children who are interested in learning the language and culture.

We pride ourselves on providing holistic learning opportunities for all ages in a warm, welcoming Christian environment. Our qualified and multicultural team of teachers are committed to providing excellent care and education in a loving environment.

Toddlers – Rimu Room (Settling-in Program)

It is the settling-in stage for your toddlers who learn through their curiosity and active exploration and play thereby making meaningful learning.  See more

3year olds – Tōtara Room (Preparing Program)

It is the preparing stage for your children who learn through sustained interests and their language and social needs are supported and extended accordingly.  See more

4year olds – Kauri Room (Transitioning Program)

It is the transition stage as your children are now growing up to be competent and confident learners in communicating, discovering, exploring, negotiating etc., being prepared to read and write.  See more

5year olds – Whare Kura (Teaching Program) (conditions apply)

A special everyday program with more literacy, numeracy and reading skills developed (at a new entrants level) to get your children off to a good start for school. We promise to teach your child to read and write.  See more…

Chinese Bi-lingual Program (conditions apply)

A special (optional) class to introduce any of your interested children to Chinese culture and language, it is run between 1-3pm. Our bi-lingual teachers provide educational activities to stimulate your children in various learning experiences. This program especially enables the Chinese speaking children to smoothly transition into our English learning environment.  See more…

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