Upto 6 years old Programme

We run a special Upto 6 years old Programme with a maximum of 8 children.  This group spends some of the day in our special “Whare Kura” and the rest of the time mixing with the other children in the preschool and joining in preschool activities.

The children have desks to work at, and do a programme of literacy and numeracy which includes learning to read, doing writing and learning basic maths, as well as a number of other “new entrants” type activities.

This programme is aimed at preparing children in good learning patterns and getting reading, writing and math skills established in order to help the children reach their potential when they go to primary school.  This also builds their confidence and skills at working together with children of the same peer group.

There are special criteria for entering this programme.  Children must gain approval from the preschool and attend every day.  They must also commit to the programme for at least 6 months (although some children are allowed to begin from age 4¾).  For more information please contact the preschool.

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