Chinese Bilingual Programme

Our Chinese Bilingual Programme includes a mixture of learning and play using Chinese as the language of communication. The programme also includes Chinese music, dance and writing.

The class is held from 1 – 3 pm each day, and is run by Chinese teachers.

For more details please contact the preschool.

中英双语课程 (特殊条件限制)
时间:星期一到星期五 下午1-3pm
中英双语课程, 提供一个中文和英文的双语学习语言环境,寓教于乐,孩子在游戏中学习中文和英文,在中英双语的语言环境下更好的开发大脑发育, 对于母语是中文的儿童可以提高中文学习的同时,更好的提高学习英文的能力。对于非中文母语的儿童,可以有机会学习中文和了解中国文化。

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