About Us

Every child is a gift from God

Sunshine Christian Preschool opened in August, 2010. It provides a multicultural, family friendly environment that has developed strong links with our community. Licensed for 80 children, we nurture children aged approximately 1.5 – 6 years.

We believe that each child is a gift from God and is best taught well while they are young. Our Learning program is based on Biblical teaching and the principles of Te Whāriki (New Zealand ECE curriculum) which guides us in the development of children’s cognitive, emotional, physical, intellectual, language, spiritual and social needs.

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20 Free ECE Hours for 3-5 year olds available. We receive a subsidy from the government for 20 ECE hours for children aged 3-5

Fees for all children (all ages)

Our fees are $10.00 per hour for 3 year olds after 20 ECE free hours and $7.00 per hour for under 3 year olds, for all booked hours, and all extra hours attended, except the 20 free ECE hours.. This means if your 3 year old child attends for more than 20 hours per week, you will need to pay $10.00 per hour for the extra hours eg $60 per week if they attend for 26 hours per week (20ECE + 6 x $10). Also if your child is under the age of 3, each hour they attend will cost $7 as the government ECE subsidy is not for children under 3. Some families may qualify for subsidies from WINZ to help cover this cost.

Hours of Operation

The Preschool is open Monday to Friday 7:30 to 17:30; 49 weeks a year. We are open during school holidays apart from 3 weeks over Christmas/New Year. We are closed on public holidays.

(Attendance during school holidays is optional, But we would appreciate parents indicating during last week of term if they intend attending during the school term breaks.)

Watch Us

Talking to God first thing in the morning is a great way to set the tone for the rest of the day.


What Our Parents/ Whānau say

“We are extremely happy with Myrah`s progress in class and school. She has shown great improvement in her skills and communication. We are grateful that is part of this beautiful institution, and we will always cherish her first learning experience. A big thank you for the staff.”

Myrah’s Dad and Mum

“Oliver and family really enjoyed our time at Sunshine Christian Preschool. Thank you all for your efforts to value this child with us. He will benefit from this experience throughout his life. Sunshine is doing amazing work to educate our children in God`s will. Thank you all. ”.

Peter and Lynn

“Sunshine has been a real sunshine in Nathaniel’s life. Nathaniel has been to different preschools from the age of 6 months, but Sunshine has been the best preschool he has ever attended. We noticed since he started attending Sunshine, a lot of changes in his character, discipline, and most important Christian values…We love the way the teachers give their children 100% care. In Nathaniel’s own words, “MY SCHOOL IS THE BEST AND MY TEACHERS ARE THE BEST, after DAD of course!”.

Calvin and Darshana

“We are thankful for the love and kindness always. The way you have set this up to be covid safe is amazing and I feel safe to leave my child at Sunshine as it has been the best Preschool for our children.”.

Noah, Esther and Naomi’s Mum and Dad

“Very good teachers and helpful. My daughter has learnt a lot of things and my daughter loves this great school.”.

Sarah’s Dad

“What we loved about Amelia attending Sunshine Christian Preschool were the core values the school instilled within our children around Christian beliefs. The teachers have always been very supportive and helpful in so many ways. So big Thanks and Five STARs team!”.

Amelia's Mom and Dad

“Thank you, so much dear teachers. Taniela learnt so many things during this journey in this class. I want to thank Sunshine family for being wonderful and caring throughout the last two years. Taniela now can speak proper English and his behaviour has improved so much. Thank you so much”.

Taniela’s mum

“A very big thank you to all the teachers and team who always support our children from the very first day. We remember when my son Gurekam came here on his first day and he was very shy. He said he did not want to go but day by day he improved a lot and now he is much more confident and competent. And it is all because of you guys. Thank you for taking care of him. God bless you SUNSHINE team!”.

Gurekam’s father and mother

“Sunshine is a very happy, colourful, friendly and active place and the children love it very much. They come home with smiles as well as tired because they’ve been enjoying playing and learning the whole day. SUNSHINE you are an awesome preschool. It has been awesome knowing every one in the school and thanks for caring for our children”.

Chaira’s aunt

“We would like to give a big thanks to all the teachers and staff at SUNSHINE. You made my children have a wonderful childhood! They learn, they grow, they laugh, they cry and SUNSHINE is a huge part of their memories. We are so grateful for coming to Sunshine. May God bless you for more amazing years ahead. Love you, Sunshine”.

Emma and Nuel’s family

“I love the work that Wharekura (School of Learning program) is being prepared to help Ruby to hold her pen, to write her name. She knows her numbers and the alphabet. Not only has the education been of a high standard, but SUNSHINE has also nurtured her imagination and encouraged her creativity and been an awesome support for her and others. Grateful and blessed”.

Ruby’s Mum

“We would love to give all the teachers and helpers many thanks for all the attention, input, dedication you have done for my daughter, especially Perthena’s teacher. Thank you so much. We will never forget the journey here at SUNSHINE Preschool”.

Love Perthena’s Mum and Dad

“I am thankful to Sunshine Christian Preschool for all their dedication and input in the past 3 years of Liora’s preschooling. Throughout Liora’s interests were scaffolded and extended in various ways. Our family always felt loved and belonging. The Wharekura (School of Learning Program) was very helpful to prepare Liora for school. The teacher puts in a lot of hard work and effort to prepare Liora using her interest in arts to teach her alphabet and numbers. Sunshine family has been a great blessing to Liora”.

Liora’s mum